How to make £80+ per day

Okay for this method you will need a bucket,Sponge,Soap and two brain cells.If you haven't guessed already you will be washing cars its a simple task that will take less then 20 mins and can easily get £8 per car. So knowing this you could get £24 per hour this is almost 6 times you would get payed if you went and worked for someone.To gain customers post something on a local community page saying who you are.What your services are and your prices and state you will come to them.You can print leaf lets around local houses with a contact number.You will be traveling to there house to wash the car so it will make you stand out more because people are more lazy these days and would rather someone come to their house instead of driving to get it done.You wont go out of business because cars will always need cleaning.When you have built your self up you can offer other things such as air fresheners and inside cleaning to boost your profits.

Okay so lets do the math:

If you get a standard job as a teen the pay is £4.20 an hour
You dont really want to work for more then 6 hours because you need to balance your life

So £4.20*6=£25.20   Its not a lot is it. Alot of time so little outcome

If you use this method and have to do 10 cars in one day all basic cleans(£8)

Each car will take 20 mins max so 10 cars will take 3 hours and 20 mins 

Add another 40 mins to travel so 4 hours

So 4 hours for £80 thats  £20 per hour :D

See this method is one of the best ways to make a great income as a teen.Just rember this is on the lower end without selling air freshers or in and out cleans so just picture the profits
Show the love tell me what you think and check out my other methods to make extra cash.
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