How to Speed Up Your Windows 10 and 7 [Tutorial]

This tutorial show you , How you can speed up your windows without any use of external software as this method is absolutely free.

So lets start how we can Speed up our windows.

Steps :

1.Deleting Unnecessary files . How to delete these Unnecessary file .

1. Go to Run (Press Window key + r) and you will see the run box . Than type temp and hit enter now it will open this folder . Select all file inside that folder (press Ctrl + a) to select all and Hit delete .

2. Again go to run and this time type %temp% . You will see folder again select all file inside that and delete.

2.Empty your recycle bin.

I have seen many people after deleting any file or folder . They don't clear there recycle bin so don't forget to Empty it.It will definitely help to boost your system performance.

3.Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is a feature provided by windows and easy to use.It help to clean your junk files that are stored in your drive.

1. Go to your drive and do a right click on it and go to properties.

 2. Than Go to General there you see disk clean-up option click on it .

3. Than select everything inside it and click OK and done.

4. Disable Unwanted Program and Services start on windows when system boots.

1.Go To Run and Type msconfig .

You will see Service Option click on it.Than click on hide all Microsoft Services .Than Click on Disable all and Apply .Same process now go to Startup than click on Disable all and restart your PC.


That All These 4 Steps will surly boost your windows performance after Restart .

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